Thinking Aloud

I just think the medical career’s not enough to make me happy. I want to do more than just deal with patients. Treating, healing and comforting patients, as one of our professors would say, are the reasons why we want to be a doctor. I mean, I know it’s noble, and there’s no good reason to put it down as a career, but… there’s always a but when I try to rationalize things out.

I have other passions in life, and I’d like to fulfill them as well. I think the life lived by Karen cannot be confined inside the clinics, or hospitals, or medical missions, but that should be expanded as the wide rainbow expands its color to nothingness. That medical career is like my aorta, it’s highly important to keep me alive. It’s there in the forefront — people will know me as a doctor, I will introduce myself as a doctor, and patients will thank me for being a doctor (hopefully a good one). But I also need my AV shunts to process things out without the need to go through the capillaries. My AV shunts may be unknowing to many, but it’s just as important as my aorta. It’s my restful shift from my arteries to veins when things are going haywire already. It’s my life in between.

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