Today was a relatively light day, except for that nosebleed-inducing biochemistry class. Classes just finished, and I was along Taft Avenue inside a jeepney. On my left was a mom with a baby on her arms, and she had a lot of baggage along the aisle. The jeepney driver scolded her because her baggage were blocking the way when I was about to go in. Well, it didn’t exactly cause me trouble, I was able to sit safely and comfortably beside her.

(k:karen, l:lady)
k: ano po pangalan niya? (pertaining to her baby)
l: Lannie.
k: ang kyut po niya. (and then I smiled. of course I didn’t exactly see the face of her baby, but at that point it was the only thing I could say to her.)

She lifted the head of Lannie, trying to fix her position. At that point, I noticed that the back of her head was deformed, like it was pressed with a closed fist.

l: ang hirap dahil nagkarooon siya ng meningitis. mahina yung katawan niya, parang lampa.
k: ah talaga po? ilang taon na po siya?
l: 1 year and 7 mos. (i like it when mothers are very particular with the age of their children)
k: galing po kayo sa ospital?
l: oo, ang hirap nga kasi… basta. pag sa utak talaga ang hirap. tingnan mo, o.. (showing that when she put her finger on the palm of the baby, Lannie wouldn’t close her fist to hold her finger. Babies normally have this grasp reflex wherein they naturally close their fist and hold on to whatever touches their palm.)

and the conversation went on… she asked me if it was normal that the baby gets fever when her teeth are growing. I said yes, and it happens even among young adults. She told me about epileptic moments of Lannie. I told her some things to do when it happens again. I told her how having Lannie is a great blessing to her. and then soon after, I went down the jeepney and said goodbye.

The conversation we had is significant to me…

1. because i recently had my neuro exam and the terms she was saying were still fresh to me. neurons were actually firing as they get depolarized for remembering such familiar terms and concepts.

2. because it was a conversation with a person who has real concern. Everyday, in class, I get to learn a lot of new things, both wanted and unwanted. But the conversation was a different source of learning, because it was real life, and it was right before my eyes.

tomorrow will be another day of new learning. 🙂


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