of testing the water and farming

Before classes started, it was like dipping and testing the water as I go to manila from time to time to do errands and requirements. Now, after a week of soaking myself in med school, I could not find the right words to express what this week means to me. I guess adjustment feels exactly like this. I feel like I’m still testing the water, but I no longer have my qualms or worries. I am getting more and more comfortable with my seat in med school as I say hi and hello to some of my classmates. The water is warm enough to feel the comfort of being with my classmates and being part of class 2014.

Making friends is one of the best ways to make my day.

on a different note…

I have never really involved myself in games and online games. I like to play computer games, but they never really get me hooked. Facebook has given a new dimension to my life. I’m enjoying this application in facebook called Barn Buddy. It’s pretty simple, you plant seeds, water them, debug and fertilize so that they grow faster. You earn points by planting and by selling them you earn money. The goal is to go up the level because each level corresponds to a particular fruit or vegetable that you’ll be allowed to plant. Now, some of your friends who are playing the same application may not only visit your farm, but they may water it, debug your plant, or on the bad side, they may put the bugs, weeds and even steal some of your harvest. It may seem like a pretty boring game because the plants take at least 3 hours to grow, and it’s really not easy to wait for 3 hours just to harvest them right away, but the thing is, it’s starting to be brought out of my cyber reality into the reality I wake up to every morning. These are three instances to describe it:

one morning at home:
k: kuya!!! why did you steal from my farm?!
h: hahaha
k: you’re not supposed to steal! I’ve never stolen any harvest from anyone, much more from you!
h: it’s just a game. play the game.

another morning at home:
k: good morning, kuya! check out your farm!
h: why, you stole from my farm?
k: no. i put bugs and weeds on your plants. hahahah.

in school
classmate: karen, your harvest is ready!

this barn buddy is becoming a serious conversation between me, my brother and my friends.

it just occurred to me, I wouldn’t be surprised if kids these days one day tell their parents: “Mom, Dad, I want to be a farmer.”


One thought on “of testing the water and farming

  1. My twin, I never took you for gamer. Much less a farmer! Wahaahhaha.I'm at work and waiting for my meeting with the boss and the team. I'll tell you bout what I do some other time. I'm excited to hear your stories about med school! :DGood luck, Dr. 2014! 😛

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