good vibes

all boxes were ticked today.

and today deserves an award of
Good Vibes

I got lost around Megamall, Ruby Drive, Magenta Road, Garnet Road
When I should be in Shangri-la, then to Pearl Drive, then to San Antonio Village
I was looking for house number 12
why, for some reason, house number 12 is either the one under construction
or the tallest building on that street which had its entrance not on that street
oh, but i should have been looking for house number 21.
but all is well,
i found my way after 5 times of going back and forth in one small street
asking direction from 5 different people.
I didn’t have smaller bills in my wallet
So I got myself a cell card to get change
only to find out it’s a free ride because of the holiday.
one passing empty train that did not stop for us; it was a skipping train.
i knew it was too good to be true
to have an empty train stop at Shaw MRT Station
but the next one got us in, and we were not too cramped up inside.
haha, yay.
good vibes.
coffee vibes, too.
dead’s body.
body’s dead.
i’m sleepy but my fingers are still wide awake to type in.
eyes are droopy, though.
good morning 🙂
coffee, anyone?


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