when the wind blows

God really knows when i needed an exercise. Before I got home, I had a good physical, emotional and mental exercise.

After my day’s activities, I decided to withdraw money for my condo rental fee. I was already praying hard to get a good taxi right after since I don’t want to be holding a big sum of money. It was a good waiting since I was only rejected once by a taxi, and was able to ride the Kapuso taxi. On the way home, I was chatting with the driver about politics and at the same time listening to Mike Enriquez on the radio. He seemed like a nice driver, occasionaly letting out his violent side of wanting all the corrupt leaders be killed, murdered or ambushed. I could not react to these as I also feared for my own life. But in general, my impression of him was that he’s a concerned citizen who can’t express more than the violent thoughts he could think of. In short, still a nice person.

When we were nearing home, as he would continue on about who he wants to get killed, I would make sounds of acknowledgment, “uhuh, hmm.”, as I prepare my payment to him. I got off the taxi, tried to check my bag BUT didn’t feel my wallet inside. I realized I was not able to put the wallet inside my bag. The taxi seemed to be running 20-30kph so I thought I could run after it. agh. but it was just accelerating, and I couldn’t keep up with it because my shoes are just getting in the way. I took off my shoes, ran after the taxi, too late to realize that I should have gone the shorter way to meet him on his way back. I called the guardhouse and requested the guard to stop the taxi from going out. I reached the gate of the subdivision, and the taxi driver was happilly buying bread from a store. I looked inside the taxi, but my wallet was not there. I tried to search my bag again, but it really wasn’t there. At this point, I realized it must have fell on the street when I got off the taxi. So I headed back to my house, hoping that no one saw my wallet on the street. And well, by this time, God must be laughing really hard already, because I was slipping off my shoes with my awkward brisk walking. I saw my wallet right in front of the house.

More than my legs getting warmed up, my heart really ran fast almost to the point of getting a heart attack. Harhar, Lord. Not funny. I might have lost a few calories there, but not because of the physical workout, but more of how my heart ran ridiculously fast. It was pumping blood more than I thought it could.

As soon as I got myself composed and settled, I tried to tell my brother, and all I got was a good spanking in the butt. he did it jokingly of course.

when the wind blows, and it rains, and you have to run after your wallet that hard, it wouldn’t matter if you’re barefooted running on a wet street.

when you thought things were just going as planned, and the wind blows to an unexpected direction, you really have to have your wits, nerves and your good laugh ready.

when the wind blows, the cradle will rock.

Well, Lord, if it’s making you really laugh the whole time, then I might as well laugh with you right now. Thank you, you really got me this time. 🙂


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