Art Fanatic

I’ve always loved art. And although I know this love exceeds my capability of producing it, I am content and happy with just appreciating as much art as I see and experience around me.

My friend once told me that I’m such a neuter, as if I’m incapable of expressing emotions beyond the neutral scale. But with art, I realized I’m just as human as you are. I realized if there’s one thing that exceeds my neutral scale of happiness, it would be art. Now if I would have to feel this again and not because of art, then I guess it would have to be because I’m in love. *eck*

What’s this fuzz all about? It’s because I recently discovered a blog that features creative people. And it’s really making me happy to see how they’re creating such beauty. Yay to this new link that I added to my list. 🙂

Daily imprint


oh look! we have the same layout. haha! does that make me artistic enough? :p

to add to this i’m-happy-and-in-love feeling, my friend just saved me from my last night’s agony of not knowing the title of the song I got LSS with. it’s this song:

My! I thought my friend told me it’s a song sang by The Corrs, and i kept on looking for this song through the videos of The Corrs in youtube, only to realize it’s a song from the movie: The Chorus (Les Choristes) HAHA.

Yay to this song. I love it! 🙂 I love french choirs already.

this post is all about love.


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