Times New Roman

This is supposed to be my Roman entry, however, I don’t think I’d ever be able to write about it expressing how I really feel about the experience. Emotions have waned already, but one thing’s certain, I grew to love the Pope.

So anyway, here’s an attempt to my Roman entry.

You know I thought I’d miss Rome that much after coming home, but really, I don’t. It’s just that, I do miss the Pope. There was a random experience when we were at St. Peter’s square, and the big screen all of a sudden showed a live video of the pope talking to a group of people. And well, I’ve seen him live and not just on tv, but at that time I felt very privileged to be very near him. I see his room, and sometimes I wonder, after such a tiring day because of the holy week services, does he still get enough rest? he has such a big heart. and it pains me that people misunderstand him, or that they don’t really bother getting to know his intentions. people loved the late Pope John Paul II, and well, to Pope Benedict XVI, they seem indifferent. I mean if there’s anyone here on earth who knows so much about love, it would have to be him. Intellect appeals to me a lot, and well he was able to explain love with such intellect in his first encylcical, Deus Caritas Est. i guess it makes perfect sense that if you’re close to God who is love, you would necessarily know so much about love.

the pope – a person with a great heart and a great mind.

with so many people attacking him, misinterpreting the words of wisdom he imparts, I am more fascinated by how he is still able to love them with much sincerity.

hahah i can no longer go beyond this insight. I guess everything else was more of the material experience already, and this one stays because it is one of those immaterial experience that’s worth keeping.

Thank you, Lord, it was a really pleasant experience.


2 thoughts on “Times New Roman

  1. Back in 2007, the Filipino contingent was given the privilege of sitting just behind where the Pope sat during the first general get-together. Pope Benedict came out in his Pope Mobile, and everybody wanted to see him. Later that day, some of my friends told us that the Pope looked them straight in the eye. I thought it was nonesense.”There were a trillion people out there this morning, and you’re saying that the Pope singled you guys out?” I asked.”No, he didn’t single me out,” one of my friends replied. “But he was making the effort to make eye contact with everyone. Didn’t you get that impression? “I wasn’t able to answer.

  2. that’s true! there was a time when he didnt get to go around the st.peter’s square anymore because he wanted to chat with the people near him. i’m glad we share the same experience 🙂

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