Today Matters

I’ve been wanting to write about Rome, and no, this entry isn’t about it. hehe! My roman entry will have to wait a few more days once i get my memory card with pictures. I’m placing a bookmark on my Rome experience, and by the time I’m ready to write about it, I’m pulling out the bookmark, and will be making the whole experience into a bookmark in itself.

Today Matters.

I’ve heard that line a thousand times already, and I’m reading a nonfiction book with that exact title. It’s a book by John C. Maxwell. I’m not yet done with the book but so far I’m impressed with the good insights I’m getting, and little by little, I’ve been attempting to live it myself — this whole idea of giving importance to the little details of each day.

Today, that I’m not in Rome anymore, still matters. Today that I’m spending quality time with my family matters a lot. Today, regardless of whatever past or future, matters. Today that I’m living my life to love matters.


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