Sniffing Good Morning Coffee

As I drag myself into waking up this morning, I thought today feels just like any ordinary day. Just like any regular day, a cup of coffee with a few bites of bread/cake. It isn’t like an extraordinary day when I feel like shouting “Good Morning” to everyone. Today, a smile and a hello would do. But then I sniffed a loophole somewhere and thought of several things I am thankful for over the past days.

There was no telling how I could ever pass that chemistry exam, but for some divine intervention, I did and somehow and in some way, I am filled with hope once again. Now I am in good energy to really rock my professor’s world as I prepare for our third exam. My professor emailed me my score, and really, I find it thoughtful of him to have replied with my score even if i did not ask for it. Oh and I know how hard he tries to make us learn chemistry with ease if possible, but then I think the very concept of chemistry is just hard to imagine just as atoms are hard to fathom (atom-fathom-phantom-atom). I just need to learn where those electrons are coming from, and to which direction do they go when they’re hungry? And why are electrons donated? why are they withdrawn? It’s like they try to talk to me sweetly and comfortingly but that it’s in a different harsh language and so I don’t get to appreciate what it tries to tell me. I just wish chem and I gain a little chemistry so I understand him better.

And then there was my UPCM interview. It was also Kuya Herbert’s deliberation day, and my mom had a hard time getting us both ready for the day. I think between the three of us, she was the most stressed. My brother and I debated who will have mom for the day. I won just because he’s a giving brother, and he resorted to have dad with him instead (in spirit, of course). It was a marvelous day for us both. Well, i guess a semi-marvelous for me since I don’t know the results yet. The interview caused me both anxiety and comfort, and now that it’s done, everything is abandoned to Him. After the interview, my mom and I rushed to my brother’s deliberation. He was the only student who had his family with him. We got there late. Jurors were already asking him. And can I just say, I’m so proud of my brother! He did very well. I was wondering where he got his answers to their questions, because during the preparation, it did not seem like he thought of those details. I must say, it was a suave delibs for him. He impressed everyone, and he deserves his award, Best Thesis.

And well the last thought I have in mind is how I’m thankful for a longtime friend. It’s wonderful to have seen him mature and grow up to be that high-spirited young man. It was a rough start for our friendship, but who would have thought we’d be as good friends as we are right now. After all those drama and shiz, you finally grew a little humor in your stash. To you: Live your music well, sing your life with cheer and simplicity. And this drama, which i don’t know why i’m doing, only wishes to thank you for being such a true friend. Really. Thanks, Dino.


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