post card 2: Dear you

Hello there! I think I saw you on my way home. You were in another jeepney. How was your ride? I hope you weren’t put to much danger as the girl seated in front of me was. You see my friend, on my last jeepney ride, for the nth time, I witnessed another jeepney-style pickpocket scheme. All the signs that showed he wanted to steal from that girl was there.

1 He constantly looked at her bag (probably trying to see how he could open or slash the bag)
2 He moved closer to the girl (even if there was a big space on his other side)
3 He had a bag to cover his arm
4 He positioned his bag in a manner that no one could see any activity going on with the girl’s bag and his hand
5 He was restless and would constantly look around
6 His right arm (the one nearest the girl) held on the bar above, while his left arm was behind the bag.
7 His head rested on his raised arm (as if sleeping)
8 He had that pangit suspicious look

And the girl showed all the signs that she was an easy target for pickpockets

1 Her hands were not guarding her bag
2 She wasn’t mindful of who she was seated beside with
3 She wasn’t mindful of what that ugly guy was doing for his preparation
4 She was not mindful of any activity going on inside the jeepney
5 She was not mindful of my eye-language, telling her about the guy beside her
6 Oh! all because she was asleep.

The whole time I was just praying, asking the Holy Spirit, Our Lady and my favorite saint, St. Josemaria Escriva to stop the guy from doing whatever evil deed he wanted to do. I was praying that she’d wake up and realize she needed to be attentive of her things. The girl would occasionally wake up, but then she’d comfortably get back to her sleep. I was getting frustrated, that I prayed that she dream about what was actually happening around her. But to no avail. The moment I saw the guy’s hand behind his bag, I panicked. He knew that I knew, but he did not care and thought I wouldn’t care enough to stop him from doing that. But I won’t deny that I came to a point when I wanted to ignore what was about to happen, and hoped the girl didn’t have anything valuable in her bag. But then the line from the 8 Beatitudes came to my mind: “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness…” and it prompted me to wake the girl up with my wet umbrella. Yes, I opened my automatic umbrella in front of them.
1. to shock the guy
2. to sprinkle water on the girl’s face so she’d wake up
3. to somehow dry my wet umbrella.

haha kidding. but that would have been a better choice. but no… I just poked her knee using my wet umbrella. She woke up and looked at me in a weird way “do i know you?”. I pointed at the man’s bag, she looked at her side and saw his hand. Then she was fully conscious and guarded her bag. Yeah I was such a poofer to that guy. Well after a little while, the guy went off the jeepney without even paying his ride.

There’s no magic trick in pickpocketing. All you need to know to avoid this from happening to you is to be aware of where your seat mates’ hands are. (And that means you’re not supposed to sleep while in a jeepney.) Well my friend, you might have been fortunate enough not to have experienced this, but there’d be no harm if you try to be careful about these things. Let’s show these ugly pickpockets that we cannot simply be outsmarted.

Till next time my friend!



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