99 Red Balloons

i shall miss you 🙂

welcome, summer! 🙂 i missed you a lot. so what do you have for me? huh? summer classes? you have got to be kidding me! i just finished printing the last page of my last requirement for this semester! and you tell me i’m off to my summer classes? wow. you give me two weeks of vacation before summer classes, and 2 more weeks after? hmm. okay. i guess that will do. just promise to make it the longest weeks of my life. let the minutes pass as slow as possible. 1 month of rest for the 5 months of stress and no sleep and what-have-you. (had i known i will no longer sleep at this point of my life, i would have slept during my nap time when i was a kid; when my mom used to coerce me to sleep. gee.) these summer classes have got to be the fun classes you promised me. 😐 Fil40? err. doesn’t sound fun. PI 100? oh great. How do we make it a summer we’ll never forget? we study. 😀 okay let’s just drop the act.

why not make this summer be more for the others, and less for ourselves? It’s time to keep up with the people we lost contact with over the stressful schooldays. You might want to greet your brother a belated happy birthday for his birthday that has passed by without you giving it much importance. it’s never too late for that Happy Birthday Hug! or you might want to say Hi now to your parents whom you’ve ignored for the past months and only got to talk with when you get your allowance. “Hi parents! it’s summer! can i please still have allowance over the break?” haha yeah. tight-pocket-days. Or you might want to look for beneficiaries of your overflowing savings over the past months (*raises hand* pick me! pick me!)

But if you have so much time this summer, why not spend it with kids! teach them good time management, or the importance of sleep and rest. teach them how to write a research paper. teach them bio. teach them survival101 for month-long stress. haha the things you learned over your stressful days. but really, why not join an organization that allows you to teach kids, or just to spend time with them. Kythe could be one – an organization that visits children confined in the hospital. they play, read stories, or just simply be with them. Or you may try visiting any orphanage, home for the aged, or my house so we could clean up my room. haha!

seriously. to think more of the others and less of ourselves? no need to think beyond the people at home. It could be your mom, or your helpers, whom you can spare from work this summer. why not start with your own nook. clean up the piles and piles of readings you never attempted to read, your written report and research papers you crammed the night before, your exam papers you thankfully passed, and your tons and tons of doodle papers for the neverending boredom you had during the semester. And for the months you’ve put up a grumpyface, why not smile to the kid who’s been pestering you over the sem with the ponytail/sampaguita she’s selling? why not strike a conversation with a stranger asking for help?

let the world know you still exist by being useful this summer. don’t let rest steal the perfect moments of your life. let rest be the reason to make this summer worthwhile. rest while you make others happy. this way, your mind is rested, your heart is kept alive, and your soul is one step higher to happiness.

*it’s my 99th blog entry*


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